“The Harley-Davidson Ride”

From a Centennial Harley-Davidson getting better to Millennial Harley-Davidson
January 4, 2018
Riding a motorcycle gives so much risk but it is a more convenient form of transportation which causes less commuter congestion within cities and has less environmental impact than automobile ownership. Others think that riding a motorcycle makes them cool, commuting made easier and fun while others ride as a way to relieve stress and to “clear their minds”. On the other hand, you must be aware that the fatality rate of motorcycle accidents is 72.34 per 100,000 registered motorcycles. About 200 million motorcycles are in use worldwide and if you’re thinking to get one, then you’re one of that millions. Motorcycles just bring that excitement, thrill, fun experience and charisma is so irresistible.
Same questions will be thrown if you are thinking to buy a Harley-Davidson. In fact, a lot of oppositions will generate. Like why buy a heavy weighted motorcycle, it’s so expensive, that’s not even at the top of the fastest motorcycles list, etc. But for Harley-Davidson fans those are just unreasonable statements to stop you from your devotion. Nevertheless, bring up your mind in thoughts if Harley-Davidson worth the dedication.
Consider these thoughts…
Will a Harley-Davidson endure our adventures powerfully?
Of course! Harley-Davidson spokesperson, David Turney says, “The spirit of freedom is alive and thriving in the Harley-Davidson. Like Captain America, it leads from the front with strength, power and endurance, enabling you to venture to new worlds and beyond.” It has been proven to be a remarkably long-lived motors. Today’s Harley Davidson seemed to productize latest models like all new 2018 Harley-Davidson Sports Glide, Soft tail, Road King, Street Rod, Sportster, Dyna, etc.  It is said that H-D can exist for 110 years!  In The Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was displayed vintage motorcycles that includes the first Harley (Coker).This American heritage iconic H-D has been preserved and endured indeed.
Are Harley-Davidson’s engine produced with such quality?
Undoubtedly yes! Harley-Davidson manufactures its motorcycles at factories in York, Pennsylvania; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Kansas City, Missouri; Manaus, Brazil; and Bawal, India, and markets its products worldwide. Every year has an upgrade in the engines of H-D. The Evolution engine which is popularly known as Evo is an air-cooled, 45-degree, V-twin engine manufactured from 1984 by Harley-Davidson for the company’s motorcycles. It was made in the 1,340 cc (82 cu in) displacement for Harley-Davidson Big V-twins bikes, replacing the Shovelhead engine until 2000 when the last EVO was placed in a production factory custom FXR4 (FXR2 and FXR3 were the first CVOs). In 1999, it was replaced by the Harley-Davidson Twin Cam 88 in the Touring and Dyna model and in 2000 in the Softail models. Also available in the Sportster model beginning in 1984, it was made in the 1,100 cc (67 cu in) displacement until 1988 and is still made in the 883 cc (53.9 cu in) and 1,200 cc (73 cu in) displacements for the Harley-Davidson Sportster, replacing the ironhead Sportster engine. Most analysts consider the Evolution to be the engine that saved the reorganized Harley-Davidson company from certain bankruptcy.
Would Harley-Davidson give me a reliable, exciting and loyal journey?
Definitely! Harley-Davidson ranked third in the most reliable motorcycles. Riders always wanted to have a motorcycle that is trustworthy especially when travelling. If its reliability fails, the reputation fails as well. An issue that brought up that H-D is not reliable because its oil leaks. Well I guess these testimonies prove it false.
“Out of all the bikes I’ve owned I’ve had more problems with the metric bikes than the HD’s. I’ve only owned 2 metric bikes and they were both full of headaches.
I’ve owned 8 or 9 Harleys and only ONE of them was a problem…ever…and that’s because it was an old worn out 1979 Ironhead Sportster and I bought it KNOWING I would have to rebuild it (smoked and leaked bad). None of my EVO HDs has ever given me a problem that couldn’t be fixed with a basic set of tools and minimal mechanical skills.”
“The harley in stock form is very reliable. As reliable as anything for that matter. Maybe some weeping oilbut no leaks really. Simple motor that does not spin very high .It SHOULD be reliable.”
“Well, I don’t know if my ’97 Evo is still considered modern, but it’s as reliable as any bike can be. The only work on it is to do mods and add/change stuff. “
It’s funny how reputations built from the past seem to endure to the present. Past issues will never define the well-developed Harley-Davidson of today.
Harley-Davidson is an American longest operating manufacturer and that’s good enough reason to have one. The Harley Owners Group (HOG) has thousands of rides, events and meets nationwide. No other manufacturer has so many loyal members. H-D has also innovated by continuing to maintain the classic styling, feel, and sound of its motorcycles while incorporating modern technology; antilock brakes, efuel injection, belt drive, audio packages and liquid cooling on some 2014 models. Along all of your thoughts, you will never stop wondering why, how, what if you can’t have that ride. “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand,” are not very satisfying answers to questions about why we love our Harleys says an H-D fan. The answer is stop wondering and ride “The Harley-Davidson Ride”.

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