From a Centennial Harley-Davidson getting better to Millennial Harley-Davidson
January 4, 2018
Harley-Davidson Published Fight for Adversity 2017
January 8, 2018
Calamities, difficulties and challenges will strike every aspect of our lives. It is inevitable, especially in business where rivalry are where around. Crisis comes at the most unexpected time whether we are prepared to face it or not.
Harley-Davidson, a long-lived American motorcycle manufacturer presently is facing a giant. A giant struggle that surely affects their business. Now that they are facing struggles, how would they survive this recession?
The Bad News
Sales in the Market for a business will always matter. It measures your success. However, achieving quality percentage of sales is not easy because of vying. Harley-Davidson is struggling in sales recently. Their sales were down 1.6 percent overall in 2016 versus the year before. U.S. sales fell 3.9 percent. It is because H-D found a new rival which is also an old brand called Indian Motorcycle whose sales increased 17 percent in the half quarter of this year while Harley-Davidson descended almost 7 percent of the sales.
Indian is a very close rival of Harley-Davidson. Polaris Industries is an American manufacturer of snowmobiles, ATV, and neighborhood electric vehicles. Polaris is based in Roseau, Minnesota, USA. Polaris made a smart move to manufacture and focus entirely on Indian. They are a proud supplier to U.S. armed forces, providing specially equipped off-road vehicles for use in military operations around the world. Indian Motorcycle has a rich history as a legendary military supplier, starting back in WW I, when the company provided 60% of the motorcycles used by U.S. and allied forces. For WW II, Indian Motorcycle produced innovative new models, many equipped with sidecars that were critical to the success of U.S. forces and their allies.
Although Polaris is taking over now, it does not mean that there are no other way to get back on track for H-D.
These two are the potential hope of the Harley-Davidson.
Harley-Davidson survey says women who ride motorcycles are happier and sexier. Some of the 1,800 riders participated in America’s 9/11 Ride cruise down Route 66 in Arlington, Virginia, on August 19, 2011. According to Debra Borchardt’s article, “Harley-Davidson sold $292 million in non-motorcycle merchandise last year. On top of that, Harley claims to own 62 percent of the female motorcycle market. Women riders in the U.S. have increased by 14 percent as of 2014 and that is a 50 percent increase over the last 10 years. 25 percent of all motorcycle riders are women and that includes passengers.”  Spokeswoman, Jennifer Hoyer said, “We don’t want our customer to have to settle for a wrong size.” And yes, women ride “the Harley-Davidson ride”.  “Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate form of freedom and self-expression, so it makes sense that women riders are happier in life and, in general, feel more fulfilled,” Claudia Garber, director of women’s outreach for Harley-Davidson, said in a statement.
Today’s generation were a lot distinctive from the centennial generation. Their type of motorcycles has changed. They became more practical. Millennials could be affecting the one of the Americas iconic motorcycle.
In an interview of Matt Levatich, CEO of Harley-Davidson, with Brian Sozzi and Michelle Lodge, “Harley- has a lot on its plate. There was an analyst report that referenced millennial ownership trends in new bike sales. You can’t just look at new bikes. The used bike marketplace has 2 1/2 times the turnover of the new bike marketplace. There are plenty of millennials riding motorcycles. It’s up to us to inspire them to ride and engage with Harley-Davidson. We have to shift from we build bikes to we build riders.” Said Matt Levatich.
Staying optimistic despite of the crisis.
How do Harley-Davidson get to the next level?
“Product has a very important role in inspiring ridership, not just new, but ongoing ridership. For example, with the Milwaukee 8 engine and the new touring suspension, I am blown away by how much of a better experience that represents for me as a rider. Among the new models we launched this year, the Roadster special is a touring bike with packaging that is a more youth- and outreach-oriented. Street Rod is a global smash that is more financially and physically accessible.
As we look forward to 2018 and the model year launch, that’s what 100 new high-impact motorcycles in the next decade is all about. It’s about the impact we have and who is riding and thinking about riding.” – Matt Levatich

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