Change Oil


Harley Davidson for Sale in Loveland, CO


Harley-Davidson accepts services for your convenience if you are not capable of doing it by yourself. We are open to lend our guaranteed service to you and one of the services that we offer is changing engine oil which is a basic maintenance of a motorcycle. Things that you need to know about changing engine oil.


  1. Why do we need to change engine oil?


Oil in engine serves as a blood that keeps the motorcycle to keep functioning. Glamorous and elegant motorcycles like Harley-Davidson needs to be valued in order to last long. For we know how valuable Harley-Davidson is, changing oil will boost its performance to even better because it renews the power and force of the engine. Its engine will also be preserved to reach numerous years of fun and adventurous rides.


Not changing your oil often enough allows harmful dirt, particulates and acids to degrade key engine parts. It also increases the buildup of sludge and lessens the oil’s ability to dissipate heat, increasing engine stress. So not changing your oil often enough is a bad idea.


  1. How often do we need to change oil?


Every rider should be responsible in being attentive to our motorcycle’s condition. Treat your motorcycle like a child with crucial needs and extensive attention. Be responsible enough that you will not only take action when something already has been wrecked. So to prevent this, we should know the capacity of our motorcycle and heed on to their maintenance.


The official factory manual only mandates every 3000 miles but it will depend whether you are a long or short distance rider. Short distance riders can base on the 3000 – 5000 mileage before changing oil. On the other hand, long distance riders need to change oil as frequent as needed. Being wary will avert unexpected expenses be dispensed out of your pocket due to devastation.